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Unshackled #56: March visa bulletin, free webinar on H-1B, & EB-1A story.

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Exciting update: Registrations are now open at all 15 universities for the Unshackled Campus Tour! In case you didn't know, I'm going on a country-wide tour in April 2024 to speak at 15 universities and educate international students on the immigration system, along with lawyers and visa experts. If you're from one of the 15 universities on here, go ahead and RSVP now.

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This week's TL;DR

📌 UNfold: Breaking news

March 2024 US Visa Bulletin: Positive Strides for EB-1 Indian Green Card Applicants

The March 2024 US Visa Bulletin is here, and there is some good news for Indian immigrants. The final action date for EB-1 has moved forward by one month from September 1st, 2020, to October 1st, 2020. It's also moved forward by 15 days for Chinese immigrants from July 1st, 2022, to July 15th, 2022. Sadly, there's been no change in EB-2/3 categories for Indian immigrants.

Missed Opportunities: How the Failed US Border Deal Affects Indian Immigrants

A bipartisan border and national security Bill, blocked by Republicans in the US Senate, aimed to address various immigration issues and provide relief to Indians stuck in green card backlogs. The Bill covered areas such as employment authorization, aging out, and family-based green cards. It particularly targeted individuals on K-1 fiancé/e and K-3 spouse visas, H-4 spouses and children of H1-B visa holders, and those awaiting employment-based green cards. The proposed changes included simplifying employment authorization for H-4 spouses and extending it to H-4 children. Despite its failure, the Bill shed light on key immigration issues for legal Indian immigrants.

Making H-1B Selection Fairer: USCIS Introduces Beneficiary-Centric System

USCIS has implemented changes to the H-1B registration process, making it "beneficiary-centric." This change aims to provide an equal chance of selection for registrants, addressing concerns about potential abuse of the registration system. The new system will select each beneficiary only once, reducing the chances of gaming the process. The final rule, effective from March 4, 2024, also includes other changes related to the registration process, such as requiring the beneficiary's valid passport or travel document information and clarifying the requested start date in an H-1B petition.

🎁 UNlock: Webinar invites & resources

[Free Webinar] Business Immigration: H-1B Visa Lottery Registration and Petition Process (February 22nd, 12:00 pm CT)

Join this 60-minute webinar, led by immigration partners Fatima Khan and Carlos Ortiz, which offers insights into H-1B eligibility, modernization changes, and the lottery process. This session is essential for employers sponsoring foreign nationals, providing valuable information ahead of the March 6, 2024, registration opening.

[Free Webinar] The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Navigating the H-1B Visa in 2024 - (February 22nd, 10:00 am PST)

Join this webinar with Richard M. Green, Partner & Chair of CDF's Immigration Practice Group, as they explore the essentials of the H-1B visa. Discover eligibility, recent changes, and strategies for accessing international talent. Gain insights into the recent USCIS overhaul and its impact on you / your company. This is ideal for HR professionals, talent managers, in-house counsel, business owners, and compliance officers.

[Extraordinary Visa Library] Debarya Dutta - Head of Machine Learning / Data Science, Deliveroo - EB-1A recipient

Welcome to the next edition of the Extraordinary Visa Library -- a joint initiative between Unshackled and Schmidt Futures! In this edition, we have Debarya Dutta. Debarya has an interesting story. He doesn’t currently live in the United States, rather he lives in the UK. But, in January of 2023, he began working on his EB-1A application to move to Silicon Valley and establish a network here. Even though he was hit with an RFE, he eventually got his EB-1A approved in August 2023. Debarya is now the Head of Machine Learning at Deliveroo. Enjoy this podcast!

🪄 UNveil: This week’s partners

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